Features In Our Shopping Trolleys

Our metal wire shopping trolleys are designed for both strength and style and are widely used in both supermarkets, airports and large retail stores. At Meikolong, we are listening to our customers’ requirements and requests and we customize our shopping trolleys accordingly. The volume of our shopping trolleys range between 80 to 255 litres and we offer surface treatment such as high quality galvanised, chrome-plated, or plastic surface treatment. Meikolong has decades of experience in producing shopping trolleys and today we are proud to be producing shopping trolleys for large and well-known companies all around the globe. If you pay attention next time you go to your grocery store for instance, there is a great chance that the shopping trolleys are manufactured by Meikolong.

When looking for a durable and weather-resistant shopping trolley, metal is to prefer since plastic trolleys easily can crack when exposed to lots of sunlight and there is also a risk that the plastic breaks under the weight of heavy groceries. Shopping trolleys made out of metal allows to carry more weight than a plastic trolley and our goal is to provide our customers with durable and safe shopping trolleys with an appealing and smart design.

Other Features You Can Find In Our Shopping Trolleys

Wheels on the shopping trolley
Since shopping carts must be equipped to handle very heavy goods, it is also very important that the wheels on the shopping cart are of high quality. The set of four wheels make pushing, pulling and steering the cart very convenient and we only use durable wheels of the best quality.
Baby seat
Some of our supermarket trolleys come with a built-in baby seat including a safety harness and all of our shopping trolleys are going through strict quality controls in order for Meikolong to deliver safe, high quality products without defects every time!

Here you can read more about our shopping trolleys, order picking trolleys, transport trolleys and much more.


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